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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect after my first reading?

Everyone is different so please follow what resonates. Most importantly be kind to yourself. It will take a little time to integrate everything. You might be tired or really hungry. Listen to your body and follow its lead. Your emotions might be higher than usual as well and triggers you need to work on might appear to you.

What kind of intentions should I list?

This is totally up to you! Some of the most common intentions I've worked on include: 
Resource Scarcity 
Using your voice
Self doubt
But this is 100% up to you and what you are struggling with. If you have more questions please send me an email or reach out on my socials.

How can I tell if an issue is from a past life?

Have you ever been so afraid of heights but have never experienced them in this life?
Have you ever had an instant dislike of someone prior to any interactions with them?
Have you been working really hard to heal a part of yourself but keep falling back into those same patterns no matter how hard you try? Examples: speaking up for yourself, knowing you are safe, ect. 
All of these could have followed you from a past life and healing those lives will make moving forward a little easier.

Do I need to do anything prior to our call?

Drink some water. But other than that you're in the clear. I'll be able to complete everything on my end while you go about your day. We'll have a recap call where you can ask additional questions and we will go over everything I saw for you.


These readings are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing a reading you agree that any information or guidance does not constitute/substitute for legal, medical, financial or psychological advice. By purchasing a reading you agree you are 18 years of age or older. Purchase of a reading is understood as consent to access your energy.

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