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  • A dive into your collective lives and ancestral roots to heal misguide...
    45 min
    111 US dollars
  • Bring back pieces of your soul which have broken off, leaving you feel...
    45 min
    77 US dollars
  • Connect with your power animal and learn what they can assist you with...
    45 min
    55 US dollars


See What Clients Are Saying

Past Life & Ancestral Healing

Katie always hits everything right on the nail and the fact the information she provided to me resonated to the T was outstanding. She takes her time and goes into details that help you understanding several things within the reading; it surely did explain quite a few things that are within this lifetime of mine.


Spirit Message

My reading was absolutely amazing and accurate! Everything presented was spot on and exactly what I needed to be focusing on, and the details were truly incredible, things that really showcase the seller's abilities. I will 100% be purchasing from this shop again.



Spirit Message

Absolutely LOVED this reading! It resonated so much and gave me a much needed call out! This was my second time getting a reading done by Katie & will continue to purchase readings from her in the future!



Deity Identification

Katie is absolutely amazing. her readings are always on the mark and if there is confusion she takes the time to help get clarification on the reading itself to help you understand. She has helped me in making sure I'm not questioning who is wanting to work with me.




These readings are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing a reading you agree that any information or guidance does not constitute/substitute for legal, medical, financial or psychological advice. By purchasing a reading you agree you are 18 years of age or older. Purchase of a reading is understood as consent to access your energy.

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